How to fill out Blue Cards
Merit Badge application forms, "Blue Cards", are needed whenever a scout wants to take a merit badge. 

Prior to the merit badge, the scout should ask an adult leader for a blue card.  The adult leader will sign their appropriate areas and then hand the card to the scout.  The scout then fills in their portions of the blue card, (these portions are noted in red on the card below).  The scout then hands their blue card to the Merit Badge counselor at their first meeting. 

Upon completion of the merit badge, the counselor will fill out the rest of the card and keep the portion titled "Counselor's Record."  He will then return the other 2 portions to the scout.  The scout then must give the portion titled "Application For Merit Badge" to the troop advancement chairman.  Don't skip this step!!  If this section is not turned into the advancement chairman your merit badge never goes on your record!!  The scout should keep the portion titled "Applicant's Record" for themselves, (I recommend baseball card holders for this).