The Eagle Advancement Process
The Life to Eagle Process
    Congratulations, you are a Life Scout!  The path you have followed to get here was long, the trail steep.  However you are not at the top of the mountain yet.  The path ahead of you is even steeper and littered with more obstacles.  But don't be dismayed for many scouts have climbed this trail before you and are willing to give you a hand to the top.  Are you ready for the challenge?

    The purpose of the Eagle Scout project is to judge your planning, organizational, as well as leadership skills.  During the time you served as a Jr. Leader in the troop you developed these skills, now it is time to put them into use.

    The first step in the process is to find a project.  The Eagle project must be for a nonprofit organization.  Visit local churches, townships, or other organizations such as the Wildlands Conservancy.  Find out if there are any projects that they need done.  You need to do the legwork, the project isn't going to fall in your lap.  Once you have found a project discuss it with your scoutmaster or advancement chairman to find out if it is a suitable Eagle project.  The project should take over 50 man hours to complete.  Once you think you have a suitable project you are ready for the next step.

    The second step in the process is to write the project proposal.  In the Eagle Scout Workbook fill out the sections titled: Project Description and Project Details.  I recommend that you type these up separately instead of writing it in the proved space.  Also put your before photographs on a separate page.  In your project details be sure to include a list of materials needed to complete the project as well as an estimated cost.  Also include an estimated number of hours to complete the project.  Also have the appropriate signature from the group you are doing the project for.  Once you have these things done let your scoutmaster or advancement chairman know, he will then have you present your project at the next troop committee meeting.  Once the troop committee approves your project it will be sent to the council office for approval.  Once you have approval from council you may move on to step three.

    The third step is to carry out your project.  You must recruit people to help you with your project.  If you do all of the work yourself your project may be rejected.  Remember this is a test of your leadership skills.  Be sure to keep track of the time each person spent working on your project.  Also keep a list of materials used to complete the project along with the cost of those materials.  I suggest using Excel to keep track of this.  Remember to take photos of your project while you are working on it as well as finished photos.  Once you have finished your project fill out the section titled: Carrying Out The Project and again get the appropriate signatures.  Once you have everything completed your advancement chairman will sit down with you to discuss your final packet and polish up all of the details.  Once your final packet is ready to go your advancement chairman will turn it into council for final approval.  Once your final project is approved you will be contacted for an Eagle Board of review.

    As you can see the Eagle Project process is a lengthy one and it requires a lot of time and effort.  But don't give up!!!  Having the honor of being called an Eagle Scout will get you farther in life than you ever thought possible.  Just talk to any Eagle Scout and the will tell you that having that honor has gotten them more opportunities then other men.

    And remember, your scoutmaster and advancement chairman will be there to help you every step of the way.  Do not be afraid to ask for help. Good Luck!!

Below are the required forms for the Eagle Scout process.  The Eagle Scout Application needs to be printed in color and back to back.

Eagle Scout Workbook

Eagle Scout Application

Recommendation Letter Form

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