Parent/Guardian Information
Committee Meetings
Committee meetings are held on the last Monday Meeting of each month at 6:00pm.  Only Committee Members have a vote in troop decisions.  Parents are welcome to attend these meetings.  This is the time when you can address any concerns or questions that you may have.
Jr. Leader Meetings
Jr. Leader Meetings consist of the youth leaders of the troop.  At these meetings they make sure their meeting plans are in place for the month.  Patrol leaders should bring up any suggestions from their patrol members in these meetings.  Jr. Leader Meetings are held on the first meeting of the month at 6:00pm.
Board of Reviews

  Once a scout is completely finished with the requirements for a rank he needs to see Ron to schedule a scoutmaster conference.  Please do not ask for a scoutmaster conference prior to completing all requirements for the rank.

  After the scoutmaster conference, Ron will direct the scout to see our Committee Chairman to schedule a board of review.

  Board of reviews are conducted once a month on committee meeting nights (this surpasses Councilís guidelines of quarterly board of reviews).

  Once a scout has completed his scoutmaster conference, and he asks for a board of review, I will tell him the date and time of his board of review.

  A scoutís scoutmaster conference and board of review will not be held on the same night.

  Scouts must be in full Class A uniform for their board of review, even if it is during a summer meeting.

Court of Honors
Court of Honors are held 2 times a year.  A Court of Honor is held during our annual Troop Banquet.  The second Court of Honor is held during the Troop Picnic in September.  The Scout of the Year award is presented at our annual family banquet in February.  Parents are strongly encouraged to attend to show support for the boys' accomplishments.
Troop Outings
Signup sheets will be put out at least 2 weeks prior to a troop outing.  Money is due 1 week prior to the event.  If we don't have your money  prior to the outing, you will not be allowed to attend.  If you sign up for an event and reservations have been made for you or food has been purchased for you, you are responsible for the appropriate fees whether you attend the event or not.
Permission Slips
A lifetime permission slip is required before the scout goes on any outings.  This permission slip only needs to be filled out once and will be kept on file.  Click here for the permission slip.
Dues are $40 a year without Boys Life Magazine and $52 with subscription.  Dues cover costs such at mailings, boys life, re-registration, and awards.  Dues are due by the last meeting in January.  If dues are not turned in by then, your son will be dropped from the charter.  If this happens there will be more fees to re-register your son.
Merit Badge Applications (Blue Cards)
For information on filling out Blue Cards please click here.
Fall to Spring Meetings
Our fall to spring meetings start in September and end in May.  For these meetings we are in the basement of Old Zionsville U.C.C.  every  Monday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.  Scouts are required to wear their Class A uniforms.
Summer Meetings
Our summer meetings start in June and last until the end of August.  Summer meetings are held at Lenape Park in the lower pavilion.  Scouts may wear their Class B uniforms to summer meetings, unless they are having a board of review.  If it is raining the meeting will be held in the Church.  Due to a constantly changing summer meeting schedule, please check this website often.
Winter Weather Policy
If school is canceled or let out early due to weather conditions, scouts will also be canceled.
Class A Uniforms
Class A uniforms consist of: Scout Shirt, Scout Pants/Shorts, Scout Belt, Scout Socks, neckerchief and slide, green shoulder loops, and your Scout handbook.
Class B Uniforms
Class B uniforms consist of: Scout related t-shirt, Scout Pants/Shorts, Scout Belt, Scout Socks, and your Scout handbook.
Scout Accounts
Each member of the troop has their own account.  Members earn money for their accounts when they participate in fund raisers.  A certain percentage of what the member sold goes into their account.  Members can withdraw funds from their accounts for outings or scout related purchases.  Please see our Scout Account Policy for more information.  See the scoutmaster or troop treasurer to find out how much is in your account.
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