Scoutmaster's Minute




Big Ego Minute

Once there was a very large green bullfrog who lived in a modest sized pond. Even though many other animals and fish lived around this pond the bullfrog didn't have any friends. You see, the friends he once had were gone. They were tired of his constant boasting about how far he could jump, how loud he could croak, and how many flies he could eat. These days, they just tried to stay out of his way.

This situation changed when the geese began to migrate through the area. Two geese actually became his friends. They spent many a long day visiting, swimming, and doing the things friends do.

Then one day the two geese told the frog it was time for them to continue their migration. The frog was sad and asked if they could take him with them. He suggested that they let him climb on one of their backs and hang onto their neck. Both geese agreed that he was entirely too fat for one goose to carry. Further saddened, the frog began to think and finally came up with an idea.

"Listen," he said, "How about we take a string and each of you take hold of an end with your mouth and bite down hard, then I will bite in the middle of the string and you can fly me between you." The geese pondered the idea and decided to give it a try.

All were ready and the geese began to flap and run. The frog hopped along with the string in his mouth until he was lifted from the ground and was airborne. "Oh what a feeling", thought the frog. Onward they flew for days on end until they flew over a farmer out in his field.

The farmer looked up and upon seeing the geese and frog remarked, "My, my, a flying frog! I wonder who taught those geese to fly such a big frog?"

Hearing this, the frog wanting to get all the glory for such a clever idea, said, "I DID!"
That night the farmer feasted on very large succulent frog legs.

Check your ego, don't let it get so far out of control that you lose your friends or worse yet, end up on someone's plate.